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Beyond WhiteSpa Fit Pre-Filled Salon Whitening Kit


Salon Whitening Kit

Beyond WhiteSpa Fit Pre-Filled Salon Whitening Kit
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Gentle Fit Whitening Tray - Results In Just 20 Minutes!
Beyond WhiteSpa pre-filled teeth whitening trays provide excellent results in just 20 minutes! When used in conjunction with a higher powered LED teeth whitening light, the pre-filled trays provide an average of 2 to 4 shades improvement in one 20-minute treatment, perfect for clients that have already had a complete WhiteSpa® treatment, or have used other whitening products in the past and require a touch-up.
The WhiteSpa system includes 6% proprietary formula whitening gel, and light-activated catalyst material. The unique lip retracting design allows full-arch teeth whitening without the use of a cheek retractor. Softer, gentler tray material ensures a comfortable fit with every client. The pre-filled tray is molded to the natural contours of the mouth and teeth to prevent excessive gel use and reduce waste.


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