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Smart Heart and Blood Pressure Watch


Smart Watch

Smart Heart and Blood Pressure Watch
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Alarm clock
Monitors the duration and quality of sleep with a measure of both deep and light sleep ; Set your alarm and the watch will vibrate awake, no more loud alarms!
GPS track sport trail
Recording your, distance, running time and steps with the inbuilt high precision triaxial motion sensor.
Move and drink vibration reminders can be set so you never forget to hydrate and or if you have been sitting for a long period, to get up and move around.

The watch can sync with your smart phone and notify you of text messages, phone calls, Facebook or Twitter notifications and Skype.
Support : Wechat / QQ / Facebook / WhatsApp / Twitter / Skype / LIne

All the trails you run are stored for 48 days

Turn GPS tracking mode on,
all-day heart rate monitoring
(turn off call reminders and messages notification function)

Sync your watch to the app and should you ever not be able to find the watch, use the app to locate it!
No need to constantly press a button to see the time, simply raise your arm as normal and the watch will light up.

Screen : 0.66 inch OLED
2. Battery : 80mAh
3. Strap : replaceable
4. Standby time : time:20 days
5. Waterproof : IP67
6. Color : Blue,Red,Green
7. Heart rate : monitoring
8. Chip : NRF52832
9. Bluetooth : 4.0
10. Packing box size : 145*90*36 mm
11. Name : Smart Bracelet Heart Rate


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