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Beyond Core White Take Home Whitening Kit

 whitening gel

Teeth Whitening Gel

The First Dentist Quality Whitening Gel Available In Different Flavours!

BEYOND StayWhite kits contain a generous six 2.6ml syringes of BEYOND’s proprietary 6% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) tray whitening gel, protective storage case for custom trays, zippered carrying case with mirror, and multilingual instruction manual. Transparent syringes with dosage marking make application quick and easy. A full treatment schedule is just one hour per day for fourteen days, but results are usually seen in five days, allowing the remaining gel to be used for maintenance. Available in Mint and Orange flavours.

NOTE. Mouth Trays are not included in this kit. Make at home mouth trays are available in our store through our 'Mouth Tray' page. For this kit, we recommend the use of our 'Whiter Smile Premium Dental Trays' or professional trays made by your dentist.


One hour a day for 14 days - no messy overnight whitening
Visibly whiter teeth in five days
Large supply of whitening gel (6 syringes)
Gentle hydrogen peroxide formula minimizes risk of sensitivity
Convenient travel case with mirror for easy application on the go
Available in orange, vanilla, or mint flavors.

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