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Calendar Smart Watch


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Calendar Smart Watch

Your daily agenda on your wrist. Simple and stylish - this watch allows you to see the composition of your busy and free time during the day, in an intuitively perceptive pie-chart form. Dark segments mean appoints or events, while the lighter ones mean free time. So now you can see how your day looks like with a quick glance at your wrist.

We have the Calendar Watch in stock in all colours, shipping all over Australia, NZ and Asia Pacific. It is offered under a 12 month warranty and its apps are available for download from iTunes and Google Play. Full buyer protection is offered via PayPal and Stripe.

Scandinavian Design, Swiss Engineering

Calendar Watch's minimal aesthetic forgoes any dials or buttons for an intuitive interface and sleek display, artfully melding analog and digital technology in its design.

Work-Life Balance

Once the phone and watch are paired, the App transfers your appointments in your calendar to the watch. Appointments are shown as a series of corresponding dark segments. The lighter segments relate to your free time, showing you quickly how your day is looking.

Calendar Watch App

Transferring all your events from your favorite digital calendars, the Calendar Watch App helps you to manage your day, find your free time and allows you to always see the battery level of your Calendar Watch.

Flexible: In Flexible mode, the watch shows the next 12 hours from the hour hand, and is updated segment by segment every 15 minutes tracking with the hour hand. In this mode you always see the next 12 hours.

Fixed: In Fixed mode, the watch shows a fixed 12 hour period of your choosing, and the display is completely updated every 12 hours. You can choose what you want the watch to show, for example, maybe your work day from 7am to 7pm or 9am to 9pm.

One Less Thing to Charge

This is not one more thing to charge daily - the Calendar Watch battery lasts for about 2 months without additional charging. When the battery level drops down the watch indicates that with a slower second hand motion. Simply charge it for 3 hours and enjoy wearing it for another 2 months.


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