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Car Seat Organizer by TUFFO

 car seat

Car Seat Organizer by TUFFO
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Secures to seat belt
Releases easily for removal
Large enough to hold everything
Durable, easy cleaning nylon fabric
Removable, reinforced lid is sturdy to draw or play on
Flip up lid sides keeps crayons, toys or food sliding off
Adjustable dividers keep things organized
Handy pockets on each side for extra storage
Handy strap makes it easy to carry to & from car
This incredibly handy car organizer may be the best invention for keeping kids (and parents!) happy in the car and on-the-go. Secured in place by your car’s seat belt, and fitted with a wide shoulder strap, it is easily moved in and out of the car as needed. When in place, it keeps everything organized and in reach for your kids to enjoy. Two drawstring cup holders on the front side hold drinks and snacks securely in place to avoid spills. Numerous pockets on either side provide versatile storage for art supplies, food, and all kinds of toys. The sturdy walled center compartment is fitted with adjustable dividers to keep books, journals, coloring in pads, and games completely organised. Kids can even draw and play atop the flat reinforced lid that doubles as a table surface, while flip up lid edges keep anything on top from rolling onto the floor or between the seats.
Dimensions: 45.7cm L x 35.5cm W x 25.4cm H

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