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Cerise Lipstick 20g


Cerise Lipstick

Organic Rosehip Lipsticks contain no harmful chemicals. They are formulated from the most purest and highest quality ingredients, which are rich in vitamins & nutrients.
Is your Lipstick and Makeup “KILLING YOU SOFTLY”. Every day women are putting their lives at risk by using dangerous chemicals in the endeavour to look beautiful. Most women would be horrified to know that 17 commonly used ingredients in today’s average lipsticks are potential carcinogens. Adding to this, the fact that the average woman puts on 8 to 12kg of lipstick over her lifetime, this becomes an issue for serious concern.
Benefits: Be creative by blending any lipsticks to achieve the colour of your choice. All lipsticks can also be used as blushers.
Directions: Apply the lipstick, then moisten your lips with your tongue. This will set your lipstick and give a smooth and brighter look.
Ingredients: Organic waxes; organic plant oils; natural vitamin E; 100% pure rose oil; natural earth derived mineral colours
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