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FurniQi Side Table


Side Table

FurniQi Side Table
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Qi Wireless Charging spot marked with a subtle laser engraving that can be used to charge up any of your Qi-enabled devices
A simple and elegant bamboo side table
Distinctive look and feel of natural bamboo complements any environment perfectly
FurniQi comes with a standard caramel-colored USB cable that matches the look of the table. As a result, you can use any of the USB wall adapters, or a myriad of other power sources including the QiStone+
Electronics are hidden discreetly and are isolated so you can use FurniQi like you would any other side table; it's resistant to daily mishaps
Thanks to an optional audible notification and a carefully lasered impression to indicate charging spot, FurniQi is easy to use even at night, without turning the lights on


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