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Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine


Crest 3D White Whitestrips

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine

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Whitens teeth 25X better than a leading whitening toothpaste*. Think your whitening toothpaste is giving you the whitest smile you can get? Think again. Imagine dialing up your dazzling, whiter smile 25X better than a leading whitening toothpaste* can. Now stop imagining and make it happen, with Crest 3D White Whitestrips. Their no slip grip means the strips stay put until you take them off, allowing you to talk and even drink water while whitening your teeth.

The whitestrips contain the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use to get at stains beneath the surface of your teeth. Crest 3D Gentle Routine provides a gentle routine for teeth sensitive to whitening. Apply strips for 30 minutes once a day, and gradually whiten your teeth for a brighter, more beautiful smile.


Gently removes years of stains for a whiter smile.
Specially formulated for teeth sensitive to tooth whitening.
Use 30 minutes a day for gradual teeth whitening.
Uses the same enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredients dentists use.
A comfortable at home teeth whitening experience.
14 teeth whitening treatments, each with 1 upper and 1 lower strip.


Crest Whitestrips are comprised of thin, flexible strips that are coated with a tooth whitening gel containing peroxide. Designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, they work by keeping the whitening gel to provide fast whitening action.

No dental impressions required
Strips are ready-made so you can use them right away
At home or on the road, strips are portable enough to be used anywhere, at any time during the day

Safe & Controlled

Whitestrips have the whitening gel already added to them so they deliver a consistent, controlled dose each time. Strips do not have to be loaded before every use, unlike trays, which can cause oral irritation if too much gel is added.

Pre-filled strips to control dosage
Reduces gel from going over gums


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