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Bench Top Water Cooler/Heater with Filter Purifier Bottle


Top Water Cooler

Bench Top Water Cooler/Heater with Filter Purifier Bottle

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Now you can enjoy great tasting water that is safe, clean and clearer with this amazing water filter, which removes harmful contaminants while keeping your drinking water full of essential minerals such as Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium that are vital for good health. The multi-stage filtration elements ensures you clean, healthy and great tasting drinking water that is bursting with life.


Cooling/Heating/Room Temperature Functions

LED Indicators

Tank capacity: 14 L

Multilayer filter ensures complete water purification

Eliminates chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, nitrogen, and harmful substances

Effectively removes bacteria & parasites

Release essential minerals

Advanced New Design

Heating System

You can now enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee without even have to turn on the kettle. The heating system is capable of heating at a rate of 5 liters at more than 86 degrees celcius per hour.
Efficient Cooling System

Constructed with an efficient electric cooling system to facilitate rapid cooling, the water cooler is capable of cooling at a rate of 1 liter at less than 15 degrees celcius per hour. (Please note: NOT icy cold)
Robust Cartridge Filtration System

The water cooler rovides robust filtration against impurities such as chlorine which causes bad taste and odour as well as filtration against heavy metal contaminants such as lead and copper, leaving you to enjoy safe, clean and clearer water to enjoy.


The main content of the ceramic filter consists of highly compressed ceramic diatom, its competent resistants is increased through high temperature and quality manufacture, it functions as filter for dirt solids and dangerous bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, bilharzia and amoebas.


Removes chlorine, THMs, organic chemicals and unpleasant odours and colours, the end results is pure crystal clear mineral water.


Natural Mineral Balls with sterilizing power that sterilize the water by absorbing ammonia, nitrogen, and harmful substances. They kill any bacteria and prevent the water PH stroage tank from re-pollutions.


Removes acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a PH balance.


Removes heavy metal such as lead mercury, gold and silver, heavy metals can accumulate in our bodies, high levels of heavy metal lead to a wide range or terminal illnesses.


Release mineral, adjust the HP of water to mild alkaline which helps restore the PH balance of the body fluid.


Mineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meteres below sea levels on an unpolluted resources. The mineral stone contains Germanium which promote health and prevent cancer. Germanium also absorbs heavy metal, toxins, odors and impurities. The mineral stones continuously release more than 20 kinds of ionized minerals for 5 years, gradually depleting in size. The highly porous mineral stone aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline.

Top Water Cooler


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