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2 PK Avocado Slicer + Apple Corer

2 PK Avocado Slicer + Apple Corer
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The best foods are always the most awkward to get a hold of…literally. Avocadoes are notoriously difficult to prepare sometimes – but the All-In-One Avocado Slicer makes light work of them. Use the plastic place to slice, pit the huge seed from the middle, and then press the slicer in to the avocado to remove the flesh.
All-In-One Avocado Slicer Features:
All-in-one tool splits, pits, and slices avocados safely and effectively
Pitter removes pit with a safe and easy twisting motion
Slicer removes fruit from skin in perfectly even slices
Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip
Made from BPA-free plastics
Comfortable rubber grip
Plastic blade for slicing in to avocado
Remove the seed with the metal pit
Press the slicer in to the avocado to remove flesh.
Top rack dishwasher safe
2 of 2- Apple Corer
Cutting up wedges of apple is fairly tedious, as getting uniform sizes and trimming the core off makes what should be a simple task frustrating and inconsistent. This Apple Corer/Slicer/Divider slices and cores in one movement, creating 8 equally sized wedges without any seeds or tough core. Ideal for cooking where inconsistencies in size creates problems. Invaluable for preparing lots of apples for a pie or crumble.
Apple Corer/Slicer/Divider Features:
High Quality Stainless Steel Blades
Sharp blades cut apples easily and neatly
Inbuilt corer removes seeds and fibrous core
Cores the fruit and cuts into even segments in one action
Creates 8 wedges of equal size
Convenient & Stylish
Very Simple, Easy to use

Avocado Slicer


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