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Anti Wrinkle Serum – Hyaluronic Acid


Anti Wrinkle Serum

This unique formulation is rich in organic rosehip seed oil, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C D and E, herbs enhanced with organic aloe vera pulp and hyaluronic acid. No synthetic preservatives or animal products. Moisturises, hydrates and nourishes the skin to a youthful look. Helps to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles under the eyes, mouth and neck.
Apply 3-4 drops on cleansed moist skin. For best results, apply after the Organic Rosehip Face & Body Peel.
Organic Rosewater, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Chamomile and Marigold, Organic Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Vegetable Glyerine, Xanthan Gum, Rose Absolute, Queen Night Green.
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