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Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Clothes Hoist


Clothes Hoist

Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Clothes Hoist
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Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Clothes Hoist
The Hills Hoist Heritage 5 clothes hoist is a fixed placed clothesline suited to larger backyards. This iconic clothesline is big and strong, with an aluminium and galvanised steel construction from top to bottom that will ensure a long and reliable life.
With a massive 49m of line and wide line spacing, this hoist is designed for optimum drying.
Installation Note: If you require drilling into existing concrete for your clothesline installation please contact us on 1300 798 779 to discuss, as there is additional labour and charges.
Please Note: This product is not available at any Bunnings stores.
Ideal for big families as the largest Hills clothes hoist
Holds a lot of washing with 49m of line space
6 strong galvanised wire lines for durability
Buy with confidence with a 10 year warranty
Installation and removal of clothes hoist available
Outside lines hold king size sheets with ease
Long lasting and reliable aluminium crank case
What's Included With The Heritage 5
1 x Fixed Rotary Clothesline
1 x Accessory Pack
1 x Clothesline Wire Pack
1 x Instruction Manual
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