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Husky Silver CN130-SIL Tropical Glass Door Bar Fridge


Husky Fridge

Husky Silver CN130-SIL Tropical Glass Door Bar Fridge

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Husky Silver Glass Door Bar Fridge with a tropical rating for nice cool drinks in warmer climates. Nice size for theatre, rumpus, pool , alfresco and entertaining area's. Interior is black and there are plenty of shelving options.

Note: These units we found that fan supplied by Husky was rather loud, about 50DB, so we actually swap to better, quieter fan from Germany, an EBM brand at about 40Db, a much more quiet fridge after this change.

2°-10°C (adjustable).
3 x chromed shelves (W: 435mm x D: 395mm), 1 x bottom shelf (W: 435mm x D: 365mm).
Shelves fit 6 x 6 cans (36 per shelf), but top shelf has fan, you lose 2 can spaces, bottom shelf lose 6 cans.
1 x basket (W: 435mm x D: 275mm x H: 180mm).
Basket holds 18 x stubbies.
W: 550mm x D: 570mm x H: 840mm.
Double glazed.
Tropical rated.
Noise Level: 40 DB (after we change fan). 


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