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Whiter Smile Light Activation Home Whitening System

 teeth whitening kits

Teeth Whitening Kits

The Light Means 24 X Times The Whitening Power!
Whiter Smiles Light Activation Home Whitening Kit contains the world’s only microencapsulated light-activated teeth whitening gel. What that means is when the whitening gel is used with a high power LED light it will increase the power of the whitening gel, creating the fastest results possible. This kit provides you with everything you need to whiten your teeth in the shortestpossible time. It contains enough light-activated whitening gel for a full treatment, important post bleach remineralisation gel, 2 maintenance and quick fix-up teeth whitening pens, our strongest 24 LED plasma “blue spectrum” accelerator light to enhance your results, and our premium dental mouth trays which are the next best thing to dental made trays.

Our teeth whitening kits are guaranteed fresh and guaranteed to work for you. Because of this we feel confident in offering our satisfaction guarantee where if you’re not completely satisfied with your results, we’ll refund your money!

Whiter Smile 24 LED Light Activation Kit Includes

2 x 10mL Tube Light Activation Whitening Gel (18% Carbamide Peroxide)
10mL Tube Remineralisation Gel
24 LED Accelerator Whitening Light (Batteries Included)
2 x Whiter Smile Teeth Whitening Pen
Set Premium Mouth Trays with Hygienic Tray Case
Detailed Instructions Manual


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