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Tongue Sweeper - The Original Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

 tongue cleaners

Tongue Cleaners

Supersmiles ergonomic toothbrush with polished, rounded bristles makes brushing at the ADA recommended 45 angle simple. Effectively cleans under the gum line and polishes and whitens the tooth at the same time. The first toothbrush that guarantees the ADA recommended 45 degree angle every time you brush. Clear lucite ergonomically designed handle stands up for hygienic drying. Five tufted rows of soft nylon bristles make correct brushing easy and gentle on your gums. 


45° angled bristles guarantee that the ADA recommended brushing angle is maintained
Precision shaped to reach beneath the gum line
Soft, polished, rounded nylon bristles
Ergonomically designed for comfort and to stand upright for hygienic drying


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