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uPamper 2 Innovative handheld massager with soothing warmth and Gua Sha


Handheld Massager

uPamper 2
Innovative handheld massager with soothing warmth and Gua Sha

Brilliance of a pampering massage
Enjoy quick and effective relief from sore and aching muscles for you and your family with uPamper 2's brilliant combination of power-packed tapping massage, soothing warmth and Gua Sha massage, all in one light and compact package.
Relieve aches and strains effectively with the uPamper 2

Power-packed tapping massage for deep tissue relief
The power-packed tapping massage action penetrates deep into the muscle layers for quick and effective relief of muscle aches and strains.
Ergonomically designed, the uPamper 2 handheld massager centralizes the weight of the massage head for optimal massage effect. The long handle also enables you to massage hard-to-reach areas like your lower back.

Soothing warmth for enhanced massaging effects
The warm surface massage head enhances circulation, alleviates lactic acid build-up and amplifies the benefits of your massage to melt away tension and relax sore muscles.

Gua Sha massage promotes the body's detoxification process
(New & Exclusive to uPamper 2)
Integrating the benefits of a traditional Gua Sha session ('scraping' massage), the uPamper 2 handheld massager is equipped with a retractable Gua Sha plate to further enhance your massage experience. Simply extend the Gua Sha plate and use downward strokes to 'scrape' along the body to stimulate circulation and promote the body's detoxification process for overall well-being.

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