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OSIM uCaress 3D Comprehensive 3D massage with Warmth to relieve the entire back



OSIM uCaress 3D

Comprehensive 3D massage with Warmth to relieve the entire back

Power-packed with warmth, ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and a suite of lifestyle massage programs, the OSIM uCaress 3D delivers a protruding and intense massage for deep tissue relief, loosening stiff and aching muscles in your neck, shoulders and back.
Full - back Coverage
The Power of Warmth
The soothing warmth in uCaress 3D helps to prepare the body by loosening stiff muscles and joints, so that you benefit from the full curative effects of the massage.
Besides relieving back aches and pains, it also aids circulation which increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients for quicker recovery.
A great indulgence during cold seasons, it warms your body and provides soothing comfort as you enter a deeper state of relaxation.
Deeply relaxing 3D massage
Resembling the hands and techniques of a massage therapist, the ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes deeply massage the muscles, providing protruding and intense massage to soothe stiff neck and shoulders, and aching back.
Multi-action full-back massage
Choose from 3 manual massage selection - Kneading, Swing and Rolling to relieve aches and tension from your back. Customize it with spot massage to target a specific area on your back, for relief where you need it most.
Kneading massage
The massage rollers move in a continuous wave motion in opposite directions to deeply relax stiff muscles.
Swing massage
The massage rollers move in a continuous swivel motion to ease away deep-seated aches and stiffness.
Rolling massage
The massage rollers glide steadily along the curves of your back to stretch the muscles and relieve pressure from the spinal discs.
Power-packed auto massage programs
To further satisfy your varying needs, the uCaress 3D comes with 4 thoughtfully designed massage programs to help relieve back aches and tension caused by a stressful lifestyle.
Neck & Shoulders
A specialized program designed for targeted relief of the widely-experienced neck and shoulders aches.
Focusing on the lower back, this popular program is ideal for pre or post activities that result in a tired and stressed back.
A combination of gentle kneading, rolling and swing massage to ease tension and relax tight muscles, perfect after a long day at work.
Perfect for those who want a quick and effective full-back massage for a quick pick-me-up.
Personalized massage experience
With the controller in your hand, you can easily personalize your massage just the way you like it with the touch of a button.
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