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Opalescence PF Whitening Toothpaste - Vanilla Mint


Whitening Toothpastes

Opalescence Toothpaste is excellent for those who want to preserve the shade of their whitened teeth. Its fresh flavor and unique formula maximizes fluoride uptake into enamel while removing surface stains at the lowest abrasive levels. The product that will give them not only healthy smile, but a happy one. Try this exciting, high-tech whitening toothpaste. After brushing, you'll feel a difference that lasts all day.

Opalescense, the makers of some of the finest whitening products, has come out with a new toothpaste featuring the all natural sweetener Xylitol! Derived from fruits and vegetables, xylitol keeps teeth healthy and helps reduce the risk of cavities. It is a 5-carbon sweetener that bacteria process much more slowly. This means that bacteria produce far less acidic waste product, creating less potential for tooth decay and damage to tooth enamel. Xylitol has also been shown to keep bacteria from sticking to the teeth, to increase saliva flow, and to stimulate remineralization of teeth. And with Opalescence’s amazing whitening abilities, Opalescence Plus is the perfect toothpaste for you and your smile!

Opalescence PF Whitening Toothpaste Features

Low abrasion formula protects enamel while whitening
Gentle whitening for sensitive teeth
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Contains Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride
Vanilla Mint flavor
Removes surface stains
Contains optimum levels of xylitol
Helps reduce cavities and tooth decay 

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