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Datalogic Gryphon D4100 - Handheld Barcode Scanner

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Barcode Scanner

Specifications: Datalogic Gryphon D4100 - Handheld Barcode Scanner
This cool scanning device is a linear imaging reader with high performance scanning ability. Datalogic Gryphon D4130 has the capacity to decode large variety of applications making it a number one choice in many retail point of sale operations, medical institutes, storerooms, schools, pharmacies and other places where barcode scanning is a regular activity.
Datalogic Gryphon D4130 barcode scanning device reads wide variety of codes; even low definition and worn-out codes that would have taken much of the user�s time with an ordinary scanning device. But Datalogic Gryphon 4130 has the ability to capture and read codes even in mutilated condition which saves user�s time and increases productivity. It also reads tiny barcodes of 3 mils.

The best part about Datalogic Gryphon 4130 is its sleek and comfortable design with makes it easier for the user to operate it even in heavy scanning tasks throughout the day. It works efficiently even in low cast weathers, poor lighting and noisy environments making it a perfect choice for various applications.

Datalogic Gryphon 4130 can capture data from a long range (1.0 m to 3.9 ft) giving the users the flexibility to move while scanning. It does not require exact position of the laser to the code. It captures the data just with a single click of the trigger and from any position. 

The patented �Green Spot� is designed for giving good reading directly on the code which eliminates the use of additional reading machines. The operation of Datalogic Gryphon D4130 scanning device is as easy as 123. Even a novice can use Datalogic Gryphon D4130 device without any training.

The smart design with a pistol like grip makes it comfortable for use for long durations. Datalogic Gryphon 4130 is best for all kinds of applications to increase productivity. Retail stores and offices can particularly benefit from this smarty scanning device. It comes in two color-grey and black along with accessories such as USB cable and an imager.


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