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Motorola Symbol LS3578 - Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Barcode Scanner

Specifications: Motorola Symbol LS3578 - Wireless Barcode Scanner
This Symbol Motorola LS3578 barcode scanner is ergonomically designed to read even dirty and damaged barcodes with ease. So you don�t have to struggle with your barcode scanner if you have a poor quality barcode on your product; Motorola LS3578 will make your job easy by decoding the most damaged barcodes. 

It practically reads any 1 dimensional barcode making it an apt choice for industry environments which uses a vast range of barcodes in the retail point-of-sale or backroom. It has an Integrated Bluetooth which enables secure data transmission without the hassles of cords or wires. The device produces accurate and fast results and you can vouch for its reliability. 

Motorola LS3578 has a wide working range that allows the user to move freely while scanning. This increases user efficiency as it offers maximum comfort while operating the device. Thanks to its wireless operation which makes scanning barcodes an easy task even for long working hours!

Motorola LS3578 has a rugged exterior which is designed to resist nasty falls and bumps during operation. It can withstand a drop from 6.5 ft on concrete with less chances of equipment failure and downtime from accidental drops. It also has an IP65-rated seal which ensures reliable performance even in harsh environments. It is water and dust-resistant making scanning barcode an easy task in the unfavorable environments.

Motorola LS3578 has an adjustable beeper so that you can set it to high volume in noisy environments and low volume in quite surroundings giving you a consistent decoding feedback. Moreover it has a bright LED screen which enables clear visibility even in poor lighting.

Its multiple point communication allows the user to manage up to three scanners with a single cradle. It emits a bright 650 nm laser aiming dot which delivers clear and accurate readings. This device is compatible with the latest symbologies. It supports GS1 DataBar.

Motorola LS3578 supports advanced data formatting which eliminates cost modification to the host software.


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