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Handheld Barcode Scanner

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Handheld Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 - Handheld Barcode Scanner
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Specifications: Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 - Handheld Barcode Scanner
Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager is a linear imaging reader perfect for small business operations such as a retail store or small office environments. It may be an entry-level product but its performance is simply outstanding. Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 imager is no ordinary scanner. Its high performance, durability and reliability can bring in more productivity and profitability to the business.

Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager is lightweight yet sturdy. Its ergonomic design is something that can only be experienced. A user using this scanning device for a long duration of time will tell you that it is indeed an easy gadget with convenient operation. They is not left fatigued or stressed out using this device all day long.
If you want to make a smart investment for your business which involves regular scanning of barcodes then Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager is a viable choice. The price is also quite affordable; perfect for small businesses who do not want to make large investments on office supplies.
The lightweight gadget is highly sensitive in its operation. Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager can read the sloppiest barcodes without any difficulty. Imagine using such a high-end machine at your point-of-sale transactions! You can only expect complete customer satisfaction! No more long queues at the counter due to the malfunctioning slow barcode scanners. Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager is indeed quick and more importantly, very accurate.
Scanning barcodes could not have got easier than this. With Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager, things can be scanned at a faster rate giving more efficiency and productivity to both the user as well as the business.
One can only benefit from Datalogic Quickscan QD2100 Imager. Its green spot shows the user where to position the code making it an even faster process to scan object. Its affordable price tag makes it a perfect investment for all small scale business environments.


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