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Whiter Smile Premium Made Mouth Trays


Whiter Smile Premium Made Mouth Trays

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The Best 'Make At Home' Whitening Trays On The Market

Whiter Smile Premium Made Mouth Trays are unique and perform to give perfect results when whitening the teeth. The mouth tray comes in two parts, the initial mouth guard (which many companies sell as the main tray to whiten with) and the inner mouth tray which is made of a special material which moulds to the teeth to give a perfect fit. What else, feedback also tells us that they work great as an affordable night guard!

These are our special high quality mouth trays which are not available from other sites and come from the USA. They are similar to the thermoforming or mouldable mouth trays where they are created by being heating in water and after applying to your teeth will confirm to your mouth. However, because of the different material, these will not form over each other which eliminates any errors. They create a much better fit, comparable to if you had mouth trays made by your dentist. Because of the exact fit, it will eliminate gel leakage which minimalises sensitivity issues. These can also be worn for longer periods of time, which makes them ideal for all types of whitening gel, including overnighters.

Choosing the correct mouth tray is very important when using a tooth whitening system. For a high quality white finish to your teeth the mouth tray must hold the gel in conjunction with the shape of your teeth. This way every tooth becomes whitened to the same degree and no missed spots will occur. Also the mouth tray makes a difference to how much dental bleach is spilled onto the gums, which does happen, but it is best kept to a minimum.

Premium Mouth Trays

Comfortable to wear
Excellent dental impression
Prevents gel leakage
Strong hold with hard material
Next best thing to dentist molds


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