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Posiflex FCR4105B - USB Interface Cash Drawer


USB Interface Cash Drawer

Posiflex FCR4105B - USB Interface Cash Drawer
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Posiflex FCR4105B - USB Interface Cash Drawer
The CR-4105 is Posiflex's newest cash drawer. It is wider, deeper and longer than the CR-3100. The FCR4105B comes with 5 coin and 5 bill fixed compartments. There is a coin roll storage compartment under the cash tray. The FCR4105B has a "Screwless" tamper resistant design and a special feature cushions drawer slams and protects the system.

The chassis and drawer have durable metal construction with high reliability and durability (MTBF over 1 million open/close).
The Posiflex FCR4105B cash drawer shows plenty of perfection in technical qualities as well as in its innovative design. It offers plenty of space for paper money, coins and checks.
Standard Features of the FCR4105B include:
* Security code for multiple drawers
* Innovative Screwless Design
* Three Position Lock
* Cheque Slot
* USB.exe driver supplied (Needs integration to POS software for operation)
* Dimensions: 428(W) x 460(D) x 100mm(H)
* Powered via USB cable
* 1 metre Interface Cable
* Cash insert
* USB Interface
* Charcoal Colour.


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