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Bionic Bird


Bionic Bird

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Bionic Bird is a drone controlled by an app from iTunes and Google Play. Bionic Bird mimics the flight and motion of a real bird and is currently the only drone on the market that allows you to fly with the birds.
Bionic Bird offers a unique sensory experience – flying like a bird… With other birds! Bionic Bird’s power of attraction among sparrows and swallows creates a celestial dance that no drone pilot has ever seen before. But watch out! Bionic Bird also catches the eye of predators such as hawks who won’t hesitate to attack. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about damage owing to its ultra robust body. Bionic Bird can also fly indoors if its tail is set to slow mode. In an enclosed space, it’s possible to perform acrobatic moves using just your fingertips. But beware, these lively tricks and manoeuvres have a tendency to put even the laziest of cats into an excited frenzy! This is also a great time to practice the subtleties of Bionic Bird’s steering from the comfort of your sofa.
Warranty: 12 months manufacturer's warranty
Compatible phones: iPhone and Android
Stock and location: Currently in stock in both colours in our Sydney Australia warehouse for Australia and south East Asia shipping (including New Zealand)
Payment protection: Full buyer protection from PayPal or Stripe card payments
Enjoy your flight!
The Egg
The portable egg is a designer perch as well as a charger on which Bionic Bird recharges in 12 minutes. Charge the egg in an hour with your computer and then slip it into your pocket. While out in nature, you’ll have enough power to recharge Bionic Bird around twelve times!
The App
Pilot Bionic Bird with your smartphone. Control the speed with your fingertip, set the wings to glide, tilt your device to make turns, or activate the Expert mode to fly using classic radio-command controls. The Flying App is available on the App Store and Google Play.
The Bird
Bionic Bird is packed with micro-technologies weighing less than 10 grams. Designed in France, Bionic Bird benefits from strict quality controls that are so rigorous that each bird is built like a prototype. Bionic Bird imitates the soaring of an eagle as well as the rapid flapping flight of a swallow.
The Flight
Bionic Bird can fly in a living room if its tail is set in slow mode – your cat will love it! Outside, it flies with up to a 100-metre range with speeds up to 20 km/h and no annoying noises. Even other birds are fooled! But watch out for predators because they won’t hesitate to attack


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