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Verbatim 64983 LED T8 Tube G13 1200mm 19W 1700lm NW


Verbatim LED Tube

Verbatim 64983 LED T8 Tube G13 1200mm 19W 1700lm NW

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Verbatim T8 LED Tubes have the advantage of low-power consumption, long working lifespan and low degradion of light intensity over long period of operations.

Compared to traditional fluorescent tubes, they save over 50% power consumption.

This makes Verbatim T8 LED Tubes particularly suitable for commercial applications like office, railway stations, carparks or any places that have long operation hours and replacement of lighting is difficult and expensive. Most importantly, it is safe and hassle-free to migrate from traditional fluorescent fixtures to Verbatim T8 LED Tube without any electrical re-wiring. Perfect for replacing traditional 18W 1200mm T8 fluroscent tube

No re-wiring needed for T8 fluroscent tube fixtures with starter and choke/coil ballast

More than 50% power saving over T8 fluroscent tube

Flicker-free LED starter included as a set UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat sensitive objects

Lifetime of 30,000 hrs


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