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Whiter Smile Handheld 6 LED Accelerator Light


Whiter Smile Handheld

Whiter Smile Handheld 6 LED Accelerator Light
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Speed Up Your Teeth Whitening Results
Teeth whitening accelerator lights use the same plasma "Blue Spectrum" treatment which happens in laser teeth whitening at your dentist. The lights will accompy any teeth whitening treatment to speed up and enhance your results. It is activated by a special, patented light whose wave-length is matched to the whitening gel and produces a more effective whitening result. The Plasma light will increase the oxidation processs of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, thus releasing more oxygen which accelerates the bleaching process. The oxygen acts as a bleaching agent that whitens your teeth safely and effectively. It uses a combination of a blue wavelength activator light that is scientifically engineered to trigger the photo initiator in our whitening gel. There is no damage to the teeth and it is only those molecules and debris that discolor the teeth that are effected.
Whiter Smile LED Plasma Light
Uses for 6 LED lights for faster activation
Shown to speed up and make the whitening process more effective
Easy to position, simple to use, and requires no calibration or maintenance
Gives a better whitening process
Simple and easy to use
Different variations


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