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Archtek Night Grind Guard (2 Pack)


Archtek Night Grind

Archtek Night Grind Guard (2 Pack)
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Custom Fit, Custom Comfort
The Archtek Grind Guard has been clinically proven to be as effective as a lab produced acrylic splint for for the relief of symptoms associated with the night time grinding of teeth and jaw clenching. Includes thermoformed dental tray that protects teeth during sleep and molds to your teeth for a custom, one size fits all guard. Designed with a user-friendly front-fitting tab. .
The device is a hygienic mouth guard that is available with a “clam-shell” packaging container and is recommended to wear it on your upper teeth. The kit also includes detailed molding instructions. The device is thermoformed and uses Form-Fit technology that guarantees a comfortable fitting once you have immersed the mouth guard into boiling water for around eight seconds as per instructions given. You should allow the guard to slightly cool off before biting into it to create an impression and molding it according to the shape of your upper set of teeth.
Recommended for mild teeth grinding
Attractive 3" diameter cosmetic case with mirror
Fits to your teeth in just 7 seconds in warm water
Form-Fit technology
This item comes in a Clam Shell package
BPA-free, PVC-free, Latex- free, no Phthalates
Made in USA


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