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Scale Barcode Scanner

 scale barcode scanner

Scale Barcode Scanner

PSC QMAG8204 - Scale Barcode Scanner

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Specifications: PSC QMAG8204 - Scale Barcode Scanner
The Magellan 8200Ù high performance scanner and scanner/scale with the new OmegaTek Productivity Technology is specifically designed for high volume retail checkout applications.

What is the new OmegaTekâ„¢ Productivity Technology?
OmegaTek Productivity Technology is comprised of hardware and software innovations that significantly improve scanner performance by increasing the scanning speed and by improving the first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes. This yields industry leading scan speeds and first-pass-read-rates while:
* Improving front end checkout productivity by reducing or eliminating re-scans or no-scans
* Improving customer service by reducing the time a customer has to wait in the checkout line

Patented All-Weighsâ„¢ Scale Platter Reduces Shrink
The Magellan 8200Ù features a redesigned All-Weighs platter for reducing loss from shrink stemming from mis-weighing large or over-sized produce. The All-Weighs platter design is more intuitive to use and allows produce to be leaned against the vertical window and platter, away from the counter, for the most accurate weighing.

The Performance Tool For High Volume Point-Of-Sale (POS)
The Magellan 8200Ù scanner and Magellan 8200Ù scanner/scale are members of PSC's high-performance Magellan line for large volume, point-of-sale applications. It features PSC's patented 360-degree scan pattern for ergonomically correct scanning when seated or standing. Select from five different Magellan 8200 models to fit your particular application and checkstand designs.

Every Magellan 8200Ù also includes FirstStrike®, PSC's advanced decoding software for reading torn, poorly printed and disfigured labels of all types. FirstStrike has the ability to autodiscriminate all supported symbologies including support for Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). The Magellan 8200Ù is fully compliant with the 2005 Sunrise initatives.

Smart Technology For Your Business
The Magellan 8200Ù has a powered auxiliary RS232 port for integrating a PSC handheld scanner for those large or heavy items that are often left in the shopping cart. This port can also be used to update the scanner's software in Flash Memory.

Additionally, the Magellan 8200Ù can be equipped for full electronic article surveillance (EAS) functionality, including Interlock, for one step scanning and security tag deactivation.

Adding even more value to the POS environment, the Magellan 8200Ù features optional productivity enhancement software. Productivity Index Reporting™ (PIR), will automatically monitor the bar codes being scanned and will alert management to items that are consistently slowing down the checkout process.

Seamless Integration
Since the Magellan 8200Ù is from PSC you can count on easy installation and years of worry free operation. The Magellan 8200Ù has the same familiar form factor as the Magellan SL® so it installs easily into both new and existing point-of-sale configurations. It also supports industry standard host terminal interfaces right out of the box, including RS232, IBM 46XX, and IBM USB.

In addition, the Magellan 8200Ù is compatible with OPOS and JavaPOS systems allowing for even greater integration flexibility at the point-of-sale.


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