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Italian Ice Maker For Alfresco Outdoor Area Drain Pump Included


Ice Maker

Italian Ice Maker For Alfresco Outdoor Area Drain Pump Included
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Scotsman Ice Makers from Italy have a long standing reliable history in the hospitality industry worldwide. We are glad to be able to offer this product to you, giving you a 3 year warranty to cover any unforseen problems. This unit can operate in up to 42°C ambient, making it a great addition to your outdoor entertaining area.
Some Important Information
Front venting - units can breathe from the front, air IN/OUT. (Allow 10mm shadow line around unit for Alfresco Private Use, 100mm for Commercial Use)
Size: 386mmW x 600mmD x 695mmH (Add special 135mm feet to take unit height to 830mm High)
Front access to air filter, easily removable and washable. A blinking light alarm is also fitted to remind you to do this important part on maintenance.
Unique PWD system built in, that pumps excess drainage water up to 15 meters away. This is a must if you don't have drainage and most do not know that this is needed, meaning after installation you then to get plumber in and arrange drainage or get the pump retro fitted.
Front access to ON/OFF switch.
Easily visible alarm light on front panel.
Ice making capacity is measured with ambient at 21°C, it lessens as heat gets higher.
Units can produce about 29kg a day, holding 12.5kg in storage ready to use, that's 4 x bags of ice!
Crystal clear gourmet super cubes (21mm x 25mm, 8 grams), solid clear and no holes, long lasting capabilities.
403 stainless exterior.
Easy bin access.
Easy condenser filter removal for cleaning.
Reliable electro-mechanic controls (not like all imported units now with PCB boards that constantly fail).
'Soft' door closing mechanism.
Made in Italy.
Vapor based microbial control system pouch in ice storage area, long lasting clean and healthy
Water system (if you use this option) protected by patented anti-scale system.
Optional remote water pump option for drainage if no drain is available.
Special Agion antimicrobial agent embedded in moulded plastic parts (lessening chance of bacteria).
CFC free R134A refrigerant.
Brazilian compressor.
Italian fan.
3 year Manufacturer warranty.


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