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TheraBreath For Dogs & Cats Water Additive


Cats Water Additiv

TheraBreath For Dogs & Cats Water Additive
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Specifically formulated for pets by veterinary experts
Safe & easy to use
Instantly treats pet bad breath.
Certified kosher
Enjoy ultimate confidence
OXYD-8 Explained
Dr Katz has dedicated years of research to finding the most effective treatments for optimum oral health. His work has found that the power of natural oxygen is more effective than many of the harsher chemical ingredients used in many popular oral care products. Dr. Katz also discovered that the best way to whiten teeth and eradicate bad odors was not with alcohol or peroxides, but with the power of oxygen. OXYD-8 is an exclusive, powerful oxygenating agent that is very effective and safe to use.
OXYD-8 is the active ingredient in TheraBreath products. It prevents the anaerobic bacteria from creating the odorous sulfide and Mercaptan compounds by adding oxygen to the environment. The end result is the formation of a sulfate which has no odor or taste.


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