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DATALOGIC TOUCH 90 PRO CCD SCANNER Serial, 90mm aperture


Datalogic SCANNER

Datalogic, the main European manufacturer of CCD and Laser bar code readers, offers a wide range of Hand-Held products particularly suited for Document Handling and Retail applications.
The Touch 65/90� CCD contact readers represent the ideal product whenever a cost-effective solution is required, without compromising reading performance and product quality.
Touch 65/90� provide a complete �all in one� multi-interface solution, including RS232, USB, Wedge and Pen emulation. The interface can be changed by simply substituting the cable and configuring the reader properly.
A scan rate of 256 scans/sec guarantees outstanding performance in terms of reading promptness, especially on poorly printed or damaged codes, where several decoding attempts may be required.
Furthermore, the Touch 65/90� family benefits from PUZZLE SOLVER�, a decoding technique introduced and patented by Datalogic. It allows the readers to collect partial data from successive scans and combine it to obtain complete information, rather than approaching the decoding process as a �one scan� confined operation. This increases �good read� results considerably.
The Touch 65/90� Pro models also add built-in Data Formatting and Data Editing features that allow the user to shape the collected data according to whatever format is required by the application software.
Among the other new features, Datalogic has introduced Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology to the Touch 65� Pro EAS model. EAS is a system that helps reduce shoplifting losses, used to identify items as they pass through a gated area by using tags and labels. The Touch 65� Pro EAS is provided with an integrated EAS antenna and special EAS cable for easy connection and compatibility with EAS Systems, allowing cashiers to scan bar code labels and deactivate EAS tags with one smooth motion.
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