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Ecotest CARD



Can be used stand alone or in alliance with the automated system
Stores history of dose accumulation in the memory powered with real time reference
Transferability of dose accumulation history to PC via infrared port.
Reliable locking power down mode unless the accumulated data is fully read.
EDR and ED thresholds of gamma radiations are programmable manually or using a system
Blocking of specific indication modes via computer commands
Stand-alone use or use within the automated system of personal dosimetry control.
Dose accumulation history stored in the non-volatile memory with real time reference.
Dose accumulation history transfer to the computer through infrared port.
Locking power down mode of the dosimeter until all accumulated data read.
Gamma radiation EDR and ED threshold levels programming with the help of the computer or manually with control keys.
Blocking certain indication modes with the help of the computer command.
Light and audio alarm for radiations exceeding the programmed threshold level of gamma radiation EDR and ED.
In built digital display with auto switch off if level of gamma background falls below the presser threshold level. Also configured with instant switch on either by pressing control key or gamma background reaching the preset threshold level coupled with alarm clock ringing
Periodic self-testing (batteries, detector).
Energy compensated Geiger-Muller counter.

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